Friday, August 5, 2011

Today's the day!!

Today is The Big Day! The opening reception for my very first art show.

I gotta say - people are genuinely excited for me. My family, my friends... they all recognize this as a big deal. I'm excited. and nervous. and all of this leads me to wonder - what are people expecting? Are they expecting a quiet gallery, large and white and spacious with classical music quietly wafting around the air? and pieces of artwork to ponder and discuss for an evening. Uh oh.
I'm not worried that no one will show. I know many friends who will be there - including my friends Sarah and Dave who are in town for the occasion. (Holla!!!) I'm more worried that it'll be a big disappointment. Like... we got babysitters for this? This is dumb. (Don't pity me. I'm just saying out loud what everyone thinks when they host a party.) Or that someone will ask me what my art is about, and my brain will turn into mush all over again, Cuttyhunk-style. The What Am I Trying To Say struggle remains. (Wasn't it obvious from my "on meaning" post? It's like I slipped out the back door while everyone was looking.) I have been telling myself for weeks to sit down and write an artist statement. I think to myself "it'll help. I will finally put into words what I have been subconsciously putting on paper. But, alas, I have been avoiding writing such a statement Big Time.
Well, self, what's wrong with just being honest? Admitting that I make art for the sake of making something. creating. meditating. releasing. owning a chunk of time, time all to myself.
Time's up. Jasper is awake.


  1. Nothing wrong with that honesty--it is certainly the kind of meaning behind art that I can understand and connect with! Love you and wish so very much that we had been there to celebrate you and all of your amazingness....missing you from Maine...xoxo

  2. I wish I could've been there! I KNOW it was amazing. How could it not have been? As for an artist statement ? - your beautiful work speaks for itself! Bing bong. Done and done!

  3. I am so far behind with reading blogs. Of course you posted this so long ago. We had a wonderful time in Chicago. I was so happy Dave and I could be there for your "first" opening. I know for sure it will not be your last. Your work is amazing and a reflection of you. We loved it and Samuel LOVES his Rhino. No need to think and try to analyze what others are thinking about your work. If you continue to do what is in your heart, people are going to love it!