Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buzz, my friend. We have been through a lot together. We have been to many places - Holland's tulip fields, Chicago's city streets, the red rocks of this wild wild west. You have watched me grow up - all the while being the old man soul that you are. Quiet and stubborn, like a rock. I have loved you in a solid way, my steadfast wingman. I have loved the places you have led me and the people you have led me to. But now, before our big move and before the new baby, you have decided that it's your time to slowly exit.

I will miss your squat body, soft but bristly, but most of all I will miss your funny snorts and your soft and even purring. When I wake at night to roll over, I will miss that snoring. It's the background music that means all is well, that I can turn over and fall back to sleep.

You are and always will be my first baby - the one who taught me how to care for someone besides just my silly, young 23 year old self.
Fare thee well, my old friend.
And thank you for all that you have given me.

* * *

"It's been a wonderful journey. We were magic together, for we saw each other with ancient eyes... we made it sweet fun for each other."
-The Shaman Bulldog, A Love Story
by Renaldo Fischer


  1. Oh, Kate! I'm sorry for your loss! If you need anything, I'm here buddy.

  2. I love you sweet Katello....and I know Buzz-guy is goin' to that place in the sky for doggies who have given so much love!

  3. Kate, I am so sorry. That was beautiful what you wrote about Buzz. He has gone to a better place. He lived a wonderful life full of adventure and love. You loved him so much that you let him go when the time was right. I am just so sorry and I am thinking about you.