Saturday, May 30, 2009

Older work

I did this about two years ago when I first moved to Las Vegas.  I made no plans in terms of composition; I started in one corner, fitting each piece together like a puzzle or quilt, almost "weaving" it all together like a tapestry.    

Here I was inspired by the shapes and colors of sea creatures.  There is an endless supply of inspiration there!  I worked in the same way - the scene unfolded as I went along.

Here I was exploring the power of two contrasting colors and values.

This was my latest one.  You can't see, but there is a portrait of Buzz, our English bulldog on the right hand side.  ;)   



This is my interpretation of the word of the week, "cracked."  I think of being little and lying in my bed, watching that crack of light under the door pierce the fuzzy darkness. I'd like to continue working on it because it's far from done (it's more of a sketch really), BUT there is more work to be done!  

On a personal note, my brother and sister-in-law, James and Ann left yesterday. We had a really nice visit; we took Anabelle swimming and she learned how to wave too!  There's nothing like watching her begin to figure out the world.  Ohhh, that chubby little hand opening and closing... Melts my heart.

I saw the movie "Up" in 3-D last night and loved it.  It's of the Warm-Your-Heart kind.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Beginning

Here's my muse -- Anabelle Violet!  

I'm excited about my new blog!  Stay tuned for more pictures, posts and artworks in progress.  

My friend Lorraine and I are signing up to do "Illustration Friday" to get ourselves inspired and motivated to do more art.  The website posts a word each week to illustrate, and this week's word is "cracked."  I'm always amazed to see how different people's ideas are for just one topic.